Golf Simulators

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Are you looking to purchase a residential golf simulator or a commercial golf simulator? The same simulators that we use at golftec are also available for purchase new to be installed in your home or office environment. We also have some second hand golf simulators for sale from time to time as well, so feel free to make an inquiry on those as well.

Golf Simulator Technology

Our golf simulators can operate under a 1 or 2 camera setup. The 1 camera setup is mounted above. If you have a 2 camera setup then 1 camera is placed at ground level to better measure launch angle and the other camera is placed above. A 2 camera system is slightly more accurate than a 1 camera system, however, we have found very little variation in our testing. Occasionally the launch angle is missed with the 1 camera setup, but you can always replay the shot. Irrespective of whether or not you use a 1 or 2 camera setup, all of the key characteristics of the golf swing are either captured directly or estimated via an algorithm. The high speed cameras capture 25 to 35 individual ball positions before the ball leaves the camera range and hits the screen. Both 1 and 2 camera systems capture vertical launch angle, the ball speed and the ball spin rate which are the key inputs to the algorithm that predicts and shows ball flight. Unlike many other simulators on the market ours accurately capture hooks and slices including pulled slices and pushed draws.

Simulator Price

Simulators start at $15,900 for the simulator unit (including 1 camera, software, PC and projector). This setup assumes you have built your own enclosure and just require the simulator unit and it’s core components. We can also arrange Flexirent this option from $88.89 per week.

For a complete system, including enclosure, units start at $24,900. This is for a complete system including installation within Australia. The system can be flexirent at 137 per week. Note: Flexirent prices are indicative and subject to change. We will provide a more accurate quote upon inquiry.

Golf simulator courses

Our simulators have a plethora of golf simulator courses you can choose between. The standard package comes with 40 courses and then you can choose add-ons of 10 courses as well. Most of the well known courses, such as Pebble Beach, St Andrews etc.

Framing and hitting mat

We can also organise all the framing and hitting surfaces to suit your needs as well. We have a huge amount experience in this area testing lot of different surfaces and frame configurations

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