3D Golf Biomechanics comes to Melbourne

Golftec is pleased to announce that our 3D Biometrics/Biomechanics Vest will be located in the venue full time as of November. If you are under a 20 handicapper we think you should consider having a vest lesson as it will allow our coaches to getting better information about your swing to fast track your improvement during regular lessons.

For those of you who are not familiar with how the 3D vest works, you hit shots while wearing the vest and your swing is replicated in 3D using the sensors that are located on vest as well as attached to your clubface.

So how will this help your golf I hear you ask? Once your swing is in 3D all aspects of your setup, backswing and downswing are compared to the average statistics of over 1000 professional golfers who have also used the system. Our resident Biometrics expert, Andy Smith, will then compare your stats to the pros to see where your biggest body movement deficiencies lie. A plan can then be set to improve these aspects of your swing. The overall goal is to get you hitting with more efficiency in your motion which will generate more power and consistency.

In our opinion the vest provides the most value for handicappers under 20 where students already have some golf experience and a decent enough action. For beginners and higher handicappers big improvements can be made with traditional lessons without the need for a “vest” lesson.

We would suggest if you are series about improving your game, a Vest lesson is a great way to start. By using the vest for an hour not only will you immediately have things to work on, but it will also provide a basis for one of our Golftec coaches to formulate a lesson plan. After 3 to 6 months of regular lessons, jump back on the vest and you will see how you have improved.

To book a lesson with our swing vest call Bookings - (03) 9650 9766