SKLZ Grip Trainer

The SKLZ grip trainer is one of the best training aids in terms of cost and benefit. It's inexpensive at $19.95 but is a fantastic training aid to help establish the correct grip for the golf swing.  It's a simple piece of molder plastic with 2 spaces to put your thumbs and fingers on to promote the correct grip. The plastic simply clips onto any of your clubs. Make sure that arrow on the grip trainer is square with your club face.  A neutral grip helps promote a square club face at impact. A grip that is too strong will result in a closed club face at impact while a weak grip corresponds to an open club face at impact. The SKLZ grip trainer will ensure a neutral grip. 

The main grip problems we see at Golftec are also golfers griping the club in their palm rather in their fingers. This is a killer in the golf swing as it immobilized the wrist. This leads to a power loss in the golf swing. The SKLZ Grip trainer also helps promote gripping the club in your fingers.

A good grip is a learned habit and the SKLZ grip trainer providers constant feedback to make sure you are achieving the correct grip. 

You can't use the SKLZ Grip trainer in a competition round, it can only be used in practice. Watch our director of instruction Sam Letourneau demonstrate the SKLZ grip trainer. 

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  • SKLZ Grip Trainer
  • Brand: SKLZ
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $19.95

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