Pure Path Swing Training AID - SKLZ

The SKLZ Pure Path Swing Training aid is a great training aid to improve you swing path if you cannot get to the golf course or driving range. It can be used in the back yard. One of the most important aspects of hitting straight shots is to get your swing path correct.

You place it into the ground with the steel spikes and the ball is slightly suspended of the ground. If you come in with a good swing path and square impact the ball will rotate on a vertical axis. If you have a slice and hit across the golf ball then the golf ball and swing will rotate on an axis going to the left. If you hit big draws, then the reverse is true and the ball will rotate out to the right.

Using the SKLZ Pure Path swing trainer will help you improve both your swing path and face angle at impact. It's a great training aid for those that don't have a lot of time to practice.

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  • Pure Path Swing Training AID - SKLZ
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