The Barista Conquers Golf

Some of you might have seen him recently hitting a few balls after work and just presumed, like the rest of the Golftec team, that he's been golf obsessed for years well, not so.

You see Edoardo only took up golf a few months ago when we opened. To say he's taken up golf is even a little ambitious, as he HASN'T EVEN BEEN ON A REAL GOLF COURSE YET!

That's right the well oiled swing you see is the product of practicing after work at Golftec, receiving the odd tip from coaching staff and being able to check his swing on the video playback. In a way what he's achieved is a testimony to GolfTec's accelerated learning system.

Edoardo is going to venture out on a real course for the first time in the next week and I for one, as someone who been teaching this game for 15 years, am fascinated to see what transpires. You see normally beginners hit the course first or after only a few casual sessions at a driving range with a well meaning friend. From then on their golf swing becomes a "reaction" to every bad shot they hit. Ball slices right, they aim left and make it worse. Hit fat shots and they pull their body up through impact and end up with tops and thins.

"Eddy" has been spared much of this early frustration and bad habit building. He's hit hundreds of balls from a perfect lie, standing level, being able to make sure he's aligned correctly whilst learning a fundamentally sound action. He hits a five iron around 150 metres and drives it over 200.

Sure he's probably going to have some interesting moments when he confronts his first side hill lie, gets buried lie in a bunker, or faces heavy rough and judging distances around the greens will be challenging. But I also think there's a good chance he's going to tee it up on a 130 metre par three, hit a solid shot on to the green and two putt for par, who knows he might even make a birdie as technically he hits the ball and puts well enough to achieve this. Most of this would be unthinkable for a player on a course for the first time.