BombTech Grenade Driver

The makers of the BombTech Grenade Driver have been in contact with Golftec and sent over a couple of discounted test heads for us to try (thanks for the surprised gift Igor). I had read some reviews that the BombTech Driver is about 10 yards longer than some well-known brand names, so Igor and I have been testing the driver for the last few weeks.  

We fitted the drivers with Penley X-Stiff shafts. Igor’s 44 inches and mine 45 inches (standard is 45.5), Iggy’s an inch and a half shorter because he suffers a little from ducks disease. There are a couple of things to note about the Grenade Driver. The first thing to note is that the makers only build them in 10.5 degrees. After extensive testing, they are adamant that the average golfer would benefit significantly from increased loft and for that reason only supply in 10.5. No stress for me, as my regular driver is 10.5 degrees. The makers also claim, that the extra ball speed generated by this driver, coupled with 10.5 degrees loft, make the driver long.  

The other thing to note about the BombTec Grenade is that when you first look at it, it’s a bit of a weird looking cat. Not an ugly driver at all, but significantly different from any other driver you will see on the market. And after a few glances you begin to become attracted to it, sort of like Uma Thurman. The driver has a matt black finish with green groves, but that’s not what makes it usual. The driver has some sort of weird thing happening underneath (pictured below).  The triangle like air pockets I found later are designed to help square the clubface at impact. Who knows if that’s true or not, but I definitely hit it darn straight compared to my regular driver.

Testing of the driver shows that it has about the same launch angle and spin rates as regular drivers, but a faster ball speed by about 4mph. I have played twice with it on my regular course that I have played 100s of times and on a couple of fairways I was down further than I had ever been before. But I consistently hit it well. I think there is a lot of Who-ha about different drivers in the market, but I did feel a distinct improvement with the BombTec. It might be due to a honeymoon period you usually get with a new club, but I was impressed. My old Taylor Made is going to be donated to the Golftec members box!