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Your Golftec Clubfit makes use of state of the art club fitting technology. During your session our golf professional will make use of this technology to select the most appropriate shafts, lie angles, club length and grip thickness to maximise your performance. We will then be able to recommend a set of clubs and order them in custom fit or if you have a preferred make and model we can organise those clubs in your specification. We have access to all the major brands. If you decide to purchase clubs from Golftec, your club fit is 100% refundable. In addition, we offer a free lesson and a free round of golf on our simulators. 

  • Find your ideal shaft length
  • Work out the type of shaft that will be most appropriate
  • Adjust grip size
  • Determine your appropriate lie angle
  • Get your club fitting summary
  • Get advice on the right mix of clubs you should have in your bag
  • Get your questions answered
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