Free golf swing analysis

At Golftec we offer a free golf swing analysis. All you need to do is come into our venue and request a free assessment. One of our coaches will take you through making a series of swings on one of our golf simulators and we will record your golf swing using our high speed camera technology. Your swing will be filmed from two angles – done-the-line and from side-on.

Once you have made your swing, one of experienced golfing instructions will review your swing that day and email you a synopsis as well as key screen shots taken from different points in your swing. Our golf instructors will also compare these key positions with leading PGA touring pros so you can see exactly what areas of your game to work on. This analysis is totally free and there are no obligations.  Results will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

During your swing analysis, our golf coaches will look at such things as you grip, setup (including posture), take-away, backswing downswing, balance and finishing position. One of the advantages of getting a free swing analysis is that you get concrete recommendations in written format so there can be no confusion as to what area of your game to work on.

As well as providing this free golf swing analysis we will also send you a free 30 minute voucher to be used on our driving range for practice or for playing a golf course.

Take a look at some of our screenshots below to see the analysis we do.

Setup Influences ball flight

Backswing Improvement on the right club face and left wrist square

Over turning on the left. Much more solid golf swing position on the right