Gold Flex SKLZ training aid 40 and 48 Inch

I first noticed the Gold Flex a few months ago when members at my golf club Kingswood in Melbourne started to use them on the practice range as a swing aid and warm up apparatus. The number of members using the Gold Flex started to increase dramatically as those that had them in their bag began winning weekly competitions. Pretty soon the club had bought one. I think our club is responsible for the majority of the in Australia. The Gold flex from SKLZ will:

  • Improve your swing plane
  • Improve you  rhythm and tempo
  • Improve your core muscle strength
  • Improve your lag and distance.

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How does the Gold Flex from SKLZ Work?

The Goldflex is essentially a very flexible shaft with a reasonably heavy weight on the end. It’s impossible to swing it at any pace without doing so on a good swing plane and with good tempo. It will particularly help if you have an over the top swing which is the case with most amateurs. Better still, using the Gold Flex builds muscle memory that translates to an improved tempo and swing path with all your clubs. By improving your swing path the Gold Flex also builds improved lag as well so you can hit the ball further. The Gold Flex also provides a workout and strengthens core muscles used for the golf swing.  

Members at my club have boasted that they were getting an extra 10 to 15 metres off the tee and hitting it a lot straighter as well. With my sceptical hat on, I tried one on the range and after using one for 10 minutes it was easy to see why the Gold Flex from SKLZ works. A similar product called the Orange Whip is endorsed by coaching greats such as Jim Hardy in the U.S.

I have found the best way to use the Gold Flex is to have 10 swings with it and then pick up your regular club and have about 10 shots with that. You will notice that your club feels like a toothpick and the tendency is to also grip your club lighter as well. You should notice an immediate improvement in your swing path and tempo. After you have 10 shots with your regular club grab the Gold Flex again and just have a couple of swings before having another 10 shots with your normal golf club. This process will help build muscle memory that is lasting.

The Gold Flex comes in 48” inches or 40” inches. It is recommended for men over 5 foot 4 to use the 48 inch version and for those under 5.4 to use the 40 inch gold flex. For women, the 40” Gold Flex is recommended.

At Golftec we have both in stock and are selling them for $79.95 inc GST. We can also post them out within Australia.

You can buy the Gold Flex from the Golftec Store:

Pictured below is the author using the Gold Flex on his balcony. You will love it, your wife will not!