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At Golftec we have state of the art club fitting technology for both irons and drivers. Our expert coaches can find the perfect specifications for you using our high tech golf simulators. We can also suggest brands and models and once you have decided on your preferred set we can order them in for you at competitive prices.  If you order a set of clubs through us, the club fitting is free!

So how does club fitting work?

Shaft length

The first thing that is determined is your ideal shaft length. This is done by measuring the distance between your knuckles to the ground when your arms are extended. As you can see from the picture below, my ideal club shaft length is ¼ inch more than standard.

Shaft selection

After determining shaft length the next step is to work out the type of shaft that will be most appropriate. To determine this we measure your ball speed and swing speed using our high tech golf simulators. We find that most people benefit from a regular shaft, however, higher swing speeds requier a stiff shaft.

Grip Size

Your club fit progresses to the stage of selecting how thick and what type of grip you require. This is done by measuring your hand size. The way that grip thickness is measured in golfing terminology is by have many extra “papers” you need. Typically for those with large hands 2 paper widths or more are required.

Lie angle

The last stage of your club fit is to determine your appropriate lie angle. This is done using special tape on the bottom of your club and getting you hit serveral shots to see if your lie angle needs to be adjusted up or down a few degrees or not.

Club Fitting Summary

Once you have finished your session, we will summarise your optimal specifications. If you don't have a particular make and mode in mind we can suggest one. 

Once you have settled on the specification, make and model we will order your clubs in according to those specifications. Generally speaking, clubs can be available within 5 working days.

Club fitting for Driver

Our golf simulator technology is ideal for fitting for a driver. Using this technology we can determine your club head speed, launch angle and spin rates. Based on this information we can select the ideal shaft for you as well as degree of loft on your driver. We have found that most golfers can get significant improvement by increasing the loft on their driver. It use to be fashionable to be hitting 9 degree stiff drivers, but even tour pros are going for more loft these days. Even Phil hits a 12 degree driver.

Occasionally, we do come across golfers that can also benefit from reducing the degree of loft. We recently fitted a customer with a 9.5 degree driver when they were previously using a 10 degree.

Finishing a club fitting session

Now that's just your basic specs. Your fitter will also give you advice on the right mix of clubs you should have in your bag, as well as discussing appropriate club head design, choice of ball and the way your equipment specifications might change through your golfing life.

At the completion of your club fit you fitter will answer any questions you might have and explain again anything you're not sure about, as well as advising you whether you current clubs can be altered, or whether new clubs are needed.

Most adjustments can be inexpensively carried out at Golftec and your clubs returned to you in a few working days.

Club fittings go for approximately ½ and hour and cost $60. To book your club fitting today call (03) 9650 9766.

Club Fit - Golftec

Club Fit - Golftec

Your Golftec Clubfit makes use of state of the art club fitting technology. During your session our ..


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