Golf Lessons

Golf lessons in our venue

$85 with our lesson membership Or $99 for single pay as you go lessons.

Golf lessons in our venue

We have a range of golf lesson options at Golftec. For those that can get into our CBD venue in Melbourne, we can start with a complimentary game assessment. During this, one of our expert coaches we will measure all aspects of your game using Trackman, the world’s best golf simulator, as well as state of the art, high speed camera, video analysis.

Once we have analysed your game, we talk you through, then email you a free report that will highlight all the aspects of your long game, short game and putting you’d like to improve. We then formulate a plan of attack to get your golf game to the level you want. Our approach is based around structured coaching, with a sequential, layered learning approach for lasting improvement. In consultation with you, we then recommend a lesson and training program that suites your needs in terms of your budget, availability and your end goals. With in-venue lessons, you can choose between our Lesson Memberships– featuring a lesson every week, two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks, (no contract, stop or change frequency whenever you like), or you can have single lessons or purchase a lesson pack. It’s completely up to you.

Online golf lessons

In terms of online golf lessons, we also have two options. With our digital golf lessons you upload videos of your swing from two different angles through our online members section, along with a few notes regarding your current golf level and what you’d like to achieve most.

We show you how best to take the videos from your phone and we’ve made it super simple to upload your swing to our coaches with just a couple of clicks. They will then do a complete swing analysis and send you back your lesson with voice over commentary, demonstrating the changes they’d like you to make and include any drills and exercises that will assist you in making the changes. We also have face-time lessons that go for 30-minutes using your phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or other face-to-face software. Here you work with your coach live, they can see you hitting shots and swinging and you can see them demonstrating what they want you to do. Following a face-time lesson your coach will also send you a video lesson summary, with voice over, including any drills and exercises they feel will help.

We have a range of online golf Lesson Memberships that feature digital golf lessons only, or a combination of digital and facetime lessons each month. Or you can buy single on-demand digital or facetime lessons as you go.

If you are interested in an online Lesson Membership we offer a free 7 Day Trial which includes a complimentary lesson. Hit the tab on this page to start a no cost 7-day Trial and have your first lesson free on us!

What happens in a typical Golftec lesson in the venue?

During the complimentary Game Assessment process, we identify the time you need to spend on each component of your game to get the fastest improvement. For example, it might be your short game that’s holding you back, or you might be having trouble getting it off the tee. Importantly, what’s identified in the game-assessment process is worked on in order of importance to lowering your score.

During your lessons we stick to this plan as much as possible and at the completion of an instruction cycle, we will examine where you are at, reprioritise your goals and come up with a fresh plan. We believe strongly in working to a plan throughout your golf lessons and also measuring your improvement. We pride ourselves on getting results and providing value for money for our customers.

At the completion of every lesson a video summary of your lesson, complete with voice over and any suggested drills will be uploaded to your complimentary online members section for you to review as many times as you like at your leisure.

Beginner golf lessons

Golftec prides itself on providing simple golf instruction for beginners. All our golf coaches are highly experienced in instructing beginners. Our new comers quickly gain a great understanding of the game and are on the fast track to enjoying their golf.

Lessons for elite golfers

Our coaching staff have coached elite low handicap amateurs and even touring pros, such as Aaron Baddeley. The super elite players benefit from the use of Trackman, and high-speed video analysis as well as the knowledge of our experienced coaches. Even highly developed players have problems and ingrained swing faults. No matter what your ability Golftec has the solution.

What if I don’t have my own clubs?

Don’t worry, Golftec has a range of high-quality men’s and women’s clubs available to use in lessons and practice free of charge. We have a range of drivers, fairway metals, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters in different flexes and lengths to suit your needs. If you like the look and feel of our clubs, we can also organise club fittings with our retail partner House of Golf, so you can get a properly fit brand new set.

Online golf lesson example

At Golftec we also offer online golf lessons. We have made sending your golf swing in easy! Just hit the tab on this page to start a free 7 Day Trial today and you’ll see super easy instructions on how to upload your swings through our online member’s section.

We will analyse your swing and send back a video complete with voice over. Check out an example of an online golf lesson video below.

Face time golf lesson

A face-time golf lesson is not too different from a regular in-venue lesson, it’s just done remotely using either WhatsApp or Zoom technology. We actually find that those that choose this option, or the online lesson improve just as quickly as the in-venue lessons.

Check out an example of a face-time lesson below: