Golftec Biodynamic 3D Golf Vest

Some of the Golftec members this week have experimented using a high-tech Biodynamic 3D vest, with very positive feedback all round. The technology has been used by over 1000 touring pros that frequent the U.S tour including the likes of Bubba Watson, Greg Norman and Rory Mcilroy.  The system works by mapping 16 sensor points to effectively turn your golf swing a 3D avatar. Key components of the golf swing are then measured by comparing your motion to that of the average motion of 1000 touring pros. The Biodynamic system is similar to the well-known K-Vest used in the United States.

The vest is designed to be used in conjunction with a lesson plan to identify key areas of improvement required in your golf swing and to measure your improvement over time. The real beauty of this device is once you isolate something to work on there is a feedback mechanism that beeps if you get into the incorrect position during your full swing. For example, my head moves in the direction of the target 1cm on my backswing, when in fact it should move away from the target from between 2 to 7cm which allows for a fuller shoulder turn. After isolating this movement to work on I was able to train my body to move into the ideal position after 10 or so swings with the aid of a very loud beep whenever I didn’t (future vests may include a server electric shock to expedite improvement).

The device measures your address position as well as your back and downswing. A separate set of statistics is also produced measuring your stability. One of the key improvement characterises measured is your hip and shoulder turn on both your backswing and your downswing. Deficiencies in these areas are most often the cause of power loss in a golf swing. As you can see by my backswing report, I have a lot to work on. Golftec is in discussions with a U.S based company to get a vest permanently in the venue.