Golftec build in full swing

Golftec is well into the building phase of the new location. If you have not already heard, the new venue will set the bench mark for golf training facilities in Australia. Ten high tech bays are planned along with a sand bunker and a putting green.

Each bay will be decked out with front and rear cameras with high frame rates and the latest in swing analysis software so you can replay every swing you make to help the improvement process. We will also be one of the only indoor centres in the world with a sand bunker. We believe perfecting your sand game is an essential aspect to improve.

Golftec will also be decked out with a cafe server high quality coffee (sourced from Melbourne based world champion baristas) and sandwiches as well as beverages. Down the track we plan to apply for a liquor license as well.

As for our opening date, it seems to be a bit of a moving landscape everyday as builders get back to us with changes in timing etc. Currently, we anticipate being open towards the middle to end of October.