Golftec is excited to be building our new venue!

The new venue at 136 Exhibition Street will be one of the most advanced golf training facilities in the world, with 10 bays featuring the most recent simulator technology which captures spin dynamics to pick up the most difficult shots such as pull slices and push draws which other simulator technology cannot handle. In addition to our simulator technology, golf enthusiasts will enjoy side and rear cameras that will capture every one of your swings for immediate analysis using advanced golf swing analysis software. Three of our bays will be full 3D technology with 3 screens and 3 projectors each and six regular bays. Also planned is a sand bunker and an indoor putting/chipping green.

It is intended that the building will be completed and the venue will be opened around mid to late October. We will provide regular updates and some pics on our progress.

If all this technology freaks you out, then don’t worry. A huge number of our members use our simulator technology for fun rather than a high-tech coaching service. We hold a number of corporate events and bucks parties that are designed purely around the entertainment aspect. Even though we are in the building process, we have had a number of bookings come in, so if you are interested in booking a corporate event than email us at