The GolfTEC Revolution

To say that GolfTEC is turning the Golf industry on its head in Australia is actually somewhat of an understatement!

More accurately you could say we are totally revolutionising the way golf instruction is provided and consumed in this country.

In the past trying to improve your golf, whatever your standard, usually meant going to the pro at your local course or driving range. They’d take you out to the lesson tee, you’d hit some shots and they’d go about trying to fix your swing. If you were lucky you happened across a teacher who would video your swing from face on and down the line. I say lucky because believe it or not in this enlightened age I still hear about teaching pro’s, some even at high profile clubs, who don’t use video!

You might then sit down together and look at it before they suggested some corrections, walked you through them then left you to practice. If you wanted another lesson or a series of lessons, they were available, but as I’m sure many of you reading this have experienced improvement in this unstructured environment is often random and fleeting.

I speak from experience because as an amateur I had that sort of experience too. I would get a quick look at my swing being analysed by my teacher, try to put the cure into practice, but often after a few practice sessions feel “deserted” and go into the next lesson frustrated and lacking faith in my instructor.

At the time I was having lessons I was already low single digit handicap, the sort of golfer teachers generally like having on their books. It really got me thinking – If I, as a reasonably evolved golfer with mostly solvable problems am having this much of a problem with the way golf lessons are presented what must it be like for the average golfer out there?

What I realised was that there were an awful lot of frustrated golfers out there who weren’t getting any better and also a lot of frustrated teachers who equally weren’t seeing their students improving.

The problem, to my mind was threefold:

  1. Golfers having lessons did not have enough measures at their disposal to monitor the changes and improvements they were trying to implement and could get off track to easily.

  2. Golfers having lessons could generally only access their coach during formal, and often infrequent sessions.

  3. Even their formal lessons were too far apart and not experienced over a long enough time span to be of lasting benefit.

Ben Hogan once famously said, “If the average golfer could reverse every natural instinct they have in trying to hit a golf ball they would probably make a perfect swing”.

Similarly our thought in creating GolfTEC was that if we could offer the complete opposite than was offered in most golf lessons people currently had in Australia we’d be on the right track.

So we created an environment where your lessons and practice take place in an intimate environment. Your coach will often be on hand, outside your structured lessons times, you can chat with them, tell them how you’re getting on and they can even have a quick look at you to make sure you’re on track.

When you practice at GolfTEC, with our state of the art simulators, you get detailed feedback on your ball-flight after every shot. You actually see the path the club-head was travelling on and the face angle at impact courtesy of our high speed cameras.

You can see video of your swing, and uses the same analysis tools your teacher uses during your lessons, anytime you’re practicing.

You get lessons included at every membership level, honestly this has been the biggie, with structured regular lessons over an extended period our golfers gain lasting improvement.

The final element that has made everything come together so well at GolfTEC is that everything is at arm’s reach once you’re in the facility.

In one 30 minute session you can be hitting full drives, next delicate pitches over greenside bunkers, next play a few holes on a famous British open course, before practicing out of a real bunker the heading upstairs to hone your putting. Very different from your average driving range or golf course experience right?

And of course this flexibility isn’t confined to your practice, with everything on hand your coach can easily work on more than one area of your game in each session. Ask yourself, did you only do one thing wrong in your last game?

Our experience of teaching golf is that it is such a diverse game with so many elements you really need this flexibility at your fingertips if you want to improve students rapidly.

If you’re ready to experience the GolfTEC difference, and what it can do for your game, just email us or call to book in today for your free GolfTEC Swing Evaluation.

I hope you enjoy GolfTEC as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.