Golftec seeking to raise 6 million dollars to build 30 venues

As many members would have read in a recent article in the Australian Financial Review, Golftec Australia is looking to partner with the U.S based company coincidently also called Golftec. The joint venture aims to build 30 new venues around Australia over the next 5 years. Golftec “USA” are the largest provider of golf lessons in the United States accounting for 26% of all lessons taken in the US last year.

If successful in raising the capital, the joint venture between the two companies will revolutionise the way golf instruction in done in Australia, by rolling out the technology that Golftec USA has developed over the past 20 years into Australia.

The existing Golftec Australia business has been running in Melbourne’s CBD for the past 3 years and co-founder, and director of coaching, Sam Letourneau says that the level of improvement seen by members and lesson takers has been extraordinary – “the advantage of taking lessons or practicing using Golftec Australia’s simulator technology is that each swing provides instant feedback which fast tracks improvement”. 

The US based Golftec has nearly 200 centres and their proprietary technology is the industry leader in golf instruction. Each lesson taken in the U.S is done with the aid of a 3D vest which fast tracks users into getting into the correct position to maintain a consistent and powerful golf swing. Existing users of the Golftec venue in Melbourne will no doubt benefit from building upon the already high level of coaching expertise and technology.

Jason Rose from CFSG is attempting to raise the funds from individual and wholesale investors, and private equity or investment firms with leisure investments. “We have already had some good interest, particularly in that sports or leisure space,” CFSG associate director Rose said. If interested in finding out more you can contact Jason at