The Golftec Way

There is an old saying in business that you have to believe in what you sell. As a co-owner of Golftec, I have been fortune enough to use the facility regularly with lessons and practice over the past two and a half years. I wouldn’t say that I use the venue any more than any other member practicing once a week and perhaps having a lesson or so every month. My routine would probably be equivalent to that of a par member.

After more than 10 years of struggling I can finally say that I am happy with where my golf game is. Maybe I can get some more improvement, maybe not. Either way, I have achieved my ambition of being a low handicapper. Better still, when I play golf these days I enjoy it. I can’t say that was always the case when I was a 17 handicapper.

The point of this article is not to brag about my new found ability, it’s to show that the Golftec way works.  However, there are ups and downs as shown by my progress chart below. During the middle of last year I didn’t practice as much and stopped looking at my swing on video and was not getting regular feedback from my coach. This year has seen a refocus on the Golftec way with more improvement.

The key to improvement is coming up with a 12 month plan with your coach right from the outset and sticking to it. It’s also important to carefully track your progress. At Golftec we developed a program called UrCaddy to track your stats, which a number of members use. The best thing to do is to track 3 or 4 rounds before starting you lesson plan so your coach can use the output of the software to focus on those areas of improvement that are going to give you the fastest results.

Good luck and see you in the venue!