How much can you improve your golf at GolfTEC this winter?

With the end of daylight saving just around the corner the rest of the golfing world prepares to batten down the hatches and prepare for the hard slog through winter—but not so at GolfTEC.

Instead of feeling like Scott of the Antarctic in sub zero temperatures at some windswept driving range why don’t you work on your game in our climate controlled environment, immune from the rain, cold, wind (and that guy who’s always in the last bay trying to hit it three hundred even with two jumpers, rain gear, a beanie and ear muffs on!)

And forget sodden practice fairways and muddy balls, at GolfTEC you’ll hit from a perfect dry lie, with clean balls.

What happens to most people in winter is that, in cold windy conditions, their swings get progressively shorter and quicker. Pretty soon they’ve got contact and timing issues, often through no fault of their own. They end up going backwards through winter on all the improvement they might have seen during the warm summer months and then spend the next summer just trying to recoup their losses – sound like a familiar scenario?

At GolfTEC you can avoid all this winter frustration and loss of form.

Whether you’re an existing Member or Improvement Pack holder or are thinking about using GolfTEC for the first time, you can contact one of our friendly GolfTEC coaches at any time and request a Complimentary Game Assessment to help you redefine you golfing goals.

There’s no cost and from this your coach of choice will put together a complimentary Improvement Plan.

From there it’s up to you, but if you’re prepared to commit to us we’ll commit to you. You’ll have the best golf improvement facilities at your disposal and the most dedicated coaching team in Australia on your side.

And hey you don’t have to wait for winter to start getting better – give us a call today and let’s make this the best golfing year of your life!