If You Build It They Will Come

My six year old cornered me in the lounge room a few months ago,

“Daddy, you need to make the Golftec website a more seamless shopping experience.”

“Ok Tiger” I said, “thanks for the input but I think our extravagantly paid web building team have got it covered.”

“Don’t patronise me dad, there’s too many clicks to get through to the purchasing page, you site doesn’t rank as highly on Google as it should and you customers need to be able to chat or leave a message with you if they need help.”

This I have to tell you is the same kid that configured my new iPad, set-up email on my phone, and taught me how to download pod casts—so when he talks Tec I tend to listen.

A moment later I had locked him and his three equally Tec savvy buddies in his bedroom, fuelled them up with chocolate and Twisties and set them to work.

I’m not completely across the child exploitation work laws but they got a break every 12 hours to play video games for half an hour, and as much pizza and coke as they wanted, I’m not an unreasonable boss…

The end result is the website you see before you. We know how time poor everyone is around this time of year and we’ve tried to take all the hassle out of buying Golftec Gift Vouchers and golf equipment for yourself, your friends or your loved ones. If you can’t see exactly what you’re after contact us and we’ll probably be able to get it in.

There are descriptions of every product, so even if you’re not a golfer you can still shop with Golftec confident you’re getting something they’ll like. If you need any help just remember our friendly helpful staff are just a click or a phone call away.

E Gift Vouchers will be sent to you on the day you order and we aim to get all equipment purchases to you as soon as humanly possible. But remember the big day’s not far away so jump on and order what you need today to make sure you have smiling golfers come Christmas.

Hang on I better run, I’ve got the kids uploading some more Christmas products and I think they’ve just run out of pizza, happy shopping!