I'm loving winter at GolfTec!

Unfortunately if we stop playing and practicing during winter we will lose a good deal of our game. On the other hand if you keep persevering you can become a casualty of the weather. Your swing becomes shorter and faster in an effort to get it over with in blustery conditions. You belt your way through 100 balls in night time sessions at polar driving ranges, telling yourself "At least I haven't given up playing". But the truth is you're getting worse all the time!

Not at Golftec where you can practice and play in warmth, from a good lie without being drenched or blown off your feet. The wind doesn't blow your putter all over the place and you can feel your hands on the club when you practice chip shots!

I've found just hitting for half and hour every couple of days before I start my working day, maybe an evening after work nine holes at Royal Lytham or Muirfield is keeping my game intact. When I do play outside once a week, even if the weather's bad I'm not out there for long enough  for it to have a detrimental effect on my game.

What's more I'm really looking forward to daylight saving and my summer golf because I don't feel like I'm just going to be getting back to some form eventually but will go into summer swinging well and tuned up!

Come down and join me one night, there's a par four at Pebble Beach that I'd love to show you!