infrared technology improves simulator readings

Golftec has recently introduced infrared technology to improve the accuracy of our existing simulator technology. The new technology has been rolled out into 3 bays for testing.  Our members have already provided feedback that the infrared technology provides a significantly better reading than the previous technology.

The infrared technology works with the existing camera setup, but instead of using the overhead lights to track ball flight the infrared provides much better feedback to the camera to improve accuracy. The new technology is especially good at picking up high speed shots with the driver that the previous technology would sometimes misread. The infrared technology also improves the reading on hooks, draws, slices or fades.

After a successful testing period we aim to roll the new technology out to all our bays early next year. As the technology replaces the old halogen lights, the bay is now much darker which allows better the projector to provide a much better simulator picture.

We encourage all members and venue users to provide as much feedback as you can to us around this new technology. It is our aim to continue to improve the venue as new and better technology becomes available.