Internet Lessons - the way of the future now!

GolfTEC is now very excited to be able to offer a brand new service to golfers throughout the world-Internet Golf Lessons.

So, who might have a GolfTEC Internet Lesson and why?

Well, that’s exactly the question we asked ourselves when we first started developing this service.

First of all, anyone who can capture video of their swing and up-load it to our site can have their swing faults analysed by one of our expert coaches and sent back complete with analysis lines, live commentary and comparisons with top touring pro’s or previous swings you’ve sent us. You can even receive drills specifically designed for you and demonstrated on-screen by your coach.

There are two big advantages to having an internet lesson over a traditional “face to face” lesson.

Firstly, you have a permanent record of every detail of your lesson. We find this is a huge learning advantage as a great many students misinterpret or forget information in a conventional lesson when they hear it only once. Conversely with a GolfTEC Internet Lesson you can view the lesson whenever you like, wherever you like time and time again.

You could build up an entire library of personal internet lessons, all pertaining directly to your swing fault tendencies. Your swing goes off and all you have to do is scroll back to the appropriate lesson to re-inforce the correct message. That’s a great way to avoid slipping into long term slumps.

It doesn’t have to just be full swing either, you can have a GolfTEC internet lesson on any department of the game you’d like to, chipping, putting, sand shots, or pitching. . In short any department of the game you want to get better at.

To kick off your first GolfTEC Internet Lesson or view a sample lesson just go to our homepage and click on “lessons” then “on line lessons” and follow the easy steps.

Single GolfTEC Internet lessons are $30 AUD payed through our secure PayPal facility.

You can purchase a package of 3 GolfTEC Internet Lessons for $79 AUD  

While a package of 6 GolfTEC Internet Lessons is even better value at $149 AUD

GolfTEC clients with an existing lesson package, Eagle, Birdie or Foundation can redeem 2 GolfTEC internet lessons for every 1 traditional GolfTEC lesson they hold.

GolfTEC Internet Lessons – the way of the future NOW!