Introducing GolfTEC's Project Golfer!

June Update from Damien, Michaels coach.

I have been working with Michael to improve his golf swing to get him playing more consistently and enjoying his golf.

With practice Michael has been able to shallow the path of his golf swing each week. We continually improve his swing by adding simple elements to get the steeping moves to become shallow and get the body moving in the right direction.

Michael has been a quick learner. We have worked on getting his set-up right then moving onto swing path and plane. The swing is becoming much more natural. Michael is in Golftec every week practicing and having weekly lesson check-ups.



June Update from Michael (project golfer) 

Yes, I have done it!

I’m now hitting every ball the distance and direction intended.

How did it happen?

Well, it was a combination of great instruction and patience by Damien combined with practice.

I must emphasise practice as the imperative tool to take all your reorganisation of every body part from feeling awkward to being simply natural each time you pick up a club.

Still a way to go but that’s only to perfect my short game and putting.

Oh, and furthermore, my golf has now turned the corner from pure frustration to simply … ‘enjoyment’


At GolfTEC we get a lot of enquires from people about what they can expect if they become a Member or take up a lesson package with us. So many enquires in fact that rather than trying to explain the process of improvement to everyone we thought we’d just show them. And that’s exactly how our new Project Golfer was born.

The golfer in question is Michael Renzella, and for the next 12 months, anytime you log on to our website, you’ll get to follow the progress of Michael as he has regular lessons with senior GolfTEC coach Damien Magaton and uses all the resources of GolfTEC during his practice sessions.

Michael is typical of a lot of our members or casual users in that, with work and family commitments he often finds he doesn’t have a lot of time for golf, yet he still wants to improve.

That’s where his membership at GolfTEC comes in. He can have his lessons and short, regular practice sessions in our convenient city location.

Keep checking in because every month you’ll get an update from Michael on how he feels he’s going, with feedback from his coach Damien. We’ll also add some screen shots so you can see the changes first hand.

We think it will be a great way for you to see what’s in store for you if you become a GolfTEC user.

From Michael

I was introduced to Golf in 1977 at the tender age of 27 when I was invited to play a game by a serious golfing colleague.

Immediately I was captivated, the atmosphere, the beautiful scenery, that sense of a relaxing isolation in a magnificent setting, but then, came the hard part, connecting the club with the ball, I tried again and again and again turning all that beauty into unimaginable frustration.

Well, that was 35 years ago and I have since had four children who have played an amazing variety of sports all assisted with serious lessons in the particular discipline of the time, skiing, tennis, golf, ballet, rugby and so on.

Whilst I, in true mature form, thought I was smarter and better than all that, I travelled through life without lessons and yes, here I am, where I was 35 years ago.

Enter GolfTec, stumbling upon it by chance. After only a few lessons I know I have improved because I overhead one of my children say to his brother "Hey!  Watch out for dad in golf as he's hitting a good ball"

Well, it doesn't get better than that, your 'know it all' sons complementing you. I have therefore decided that this is my year of golf, I have committed myself to  weekly ongoing lessons.

Thankfully, I have a positive attitude and am able to put my wasted 35 years behind me.

I would finally like to add that that structure and a regular commitment is imperative to improvement. I am actually practicing what I have been preaching to my a treat!!

From Damien Magaton (Coach)

I have worked on Michael's setup today in his first lesson.

Changing his setup with Tilt and maintaining posture has changed his swing plane from steep to shallow.

I can now get him hitting through and staying down in the shot instead of lift up and releasing the club early.

I will keep working with Michael to ingrain this change and get him from shooting over 100 to 90's and then maybe 80's.