July 2012 Player of the Month - Jimmy Huynh

Before joining Golftec I often go the range hit about 100-200 balls twice or three times a week, some shots were awesome, some were average, but most were ridiculous bad. After hours of practice each week I felt as though my game wasn’t improving, worse of all I knew my issues, but was limited in not know how to technically rectify them. Thus I kept doing the same things over and over.

Just imagine, if you’re struggling with an issue, whether it’s

  • Fat shots
  • Thin shots
  • Slices
  • Hooks
  • Blisters and callus’s on the hands (in the wrong places)
  • Sore arms, elbows and even bruising (yes me)

I had them all. 

I joined GolfTec around March 2012. Having only played this great game for 4-5 months prior to that, Damien (my coach) was the lucky fella who began constructing my pathway for improvement. Not knowing the outcome I accepted the challenge by going back to the basics. At first I struggled with his justifications but soon adapted and accepted his reasons. Damien’s plan was simple, grip, posture (stance), plane, swing, in between the odd tweaks and finally hit the ball. Simple? Yes it was, but surprisingly most of us fall into the same old bad routine.

Within each technical golf session, we addressed issues by accurately captured my mistakes utilising the latest and greatest golfing technology with simulators, sensors and video imagery.

Although I am still learning the game, my shots are now far more consistent. My drives hit the fairway majority of the time (no one’s perfect right?).  My second and third shots are connecting and often finds green or close. Before joining, I was averaging around the 110 shots per game, now I average around 90-94 depending on course.

Golftec and Co, are an absolutely fantastic bunch of guys, always helpful and never shy of providing assistance with the odd coaching here and there (when asked J). You will not find a better bunch of people and coaches around that wants to help and improve your game.

Highly recommended.

Jimmy Huynh

When I started working with Jimmy, I set forward a plan for him to to get his game consistent in all areas. I wanted jimmy to be able to control his golf shots which would then lead to a more consistent game.

The way I did this was to focus on the biggest problem he had in his swing and work thouroughly on rectifying this to get him more consistent solid contact with a predictable ball flight. With the use of Video cameras and high speed Launch monitors, we were both able to quickly identify the faults and the fix and improve his path and clubface angle at impact.

The great thing I believe at Golftec is people like Jimmy are able to have a lesson and with the use of Video cameras in Golftec he is able to work on the issue on his own and not go back to old habits after the lesson.

Now with Jimmy's golf swing its more about managing his swing and tweaking smaller issues he may have.

Damian Megaton