Aron Bell is June's Biggest Improver

I was struggling to make my handicap which hovered between 19 and 20 because I couldn’t hit the green from inside 130 metres or I had 4 blow outs a round. I just didn’t know when I was going to hit a good shot or not.Having joined Golftec this has all turned around.Using the video camera vision from the rear and from the side, I was able to monitor my setup and replicate it so that my swing gave the desired result consistently. The computer simulation of the swing path of my club head showed that now I was consistently on a path from inside to outside and my shots now consistently had a slight draw on them.My handicap has dropped to 16 and I am playing much more consistently. I can attack the green from 130 metres. My short game has also improved and while I have holed a few shots from off the green (lucky shots) many more have gone past the hole but on a good line.


Dion Kipping - Aron's coach

When I started working with Aron, we set forward a plan on improving the areas of his game that were holding his progress back. With a clear focus, Aron was able to use Golftec's "In Bay" camera's and club path recognition system to check his progress. In doing so, Aaron made the absoulute most of every practcie session knowing what to foucs on and how to improve it.The results have followed as Aron's hanicap continues to drop and his enjoyment levels climb.As a coach, I love the fact I'm able to give my students a clear focus at Golftec as they have the ability to check the area of concentration via both the High Spped Cameras and the Launch Monitors. It is such a positive approach to game improvement, knowing what to do and how to do it. I always say, practice doesn't make perfect, but perfect practice does.