Mizuno Clubs well received

It has been nearly 2 months since Mizuno kindly dropped in 10+ new sets of golf clubs into our venue. Club models were selected to provide as wide a variety as possible to suit all handicap levels, genders and swing types. It’s an understatement to say that the clubs have been well received. Nearly all of our members and guests have raved about the performance of these clubs.

For mid to high handicappers the JPX 800 and JPX 800 Pro series are by far and away the most popular. Mizuno have got the formula right with plenty of forgiveness without reducing performance too much.  A few low markers that frequent our venue have also preferred the JPX models for this reason.

For the 10 to 15 range handicappers, the Mizuno MP-53 and Mizuno MP-59 models seem to be the most popular. Though not as forgiving as the JPX series, they are a little longer due to their lower ball flight characteristics when tested on our simulators. They are also a lot easier to work left to right or right to left for the better golfers.

For the really low markers the Mizuno MP-69 and MP-63 are the way to go, although most of our members are not yet of the standard to hit these clubs properly. On the other hand our pros seem to love them particularly the MP-69 range.

If you are looking to demo Mizuno clubs, then give us a call on (03) 9650 9766. Use of our Mizuno range of clubs is free with simulator use.