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Project Golfers 2016 | 08/02/2016

A big welcome to our two project golfers for this year! Our aim is improve both of these players overall game as much as possible over the coming months. Read more >>

If You Build It They Will Come | 15/12/2015

My six year old cornered me in the lounge room a few months ago, “Daddy, you need to make the Golftec website a more seamless shopping experience.”... Read more >>

VIP GOLF IN THE CITY | 13/08/2015

Melbourne businesses can now enjoy personalised video lessons and exclusive tips from world-class golf coach Greg Dowling (aka Sultan of Swing) in the heart of the CBD as part of a corporate events package at Golftec, 136 Exhibition Street. The Birdie Package also includes playing some of the world’s greatest courses on big screen simulators, food and beverage and prizes Read more >>

Perfect Plane Putting Board by SKLZ | 05/12/2014

The perfect plane putting board training aid but SKLZ is designed to help perfect your putting arc to allow for more consistent putting. It is especially useful for helping to square the clubface at impact. Read more >>

Gold Flex SKLZ training aid 40 and 48 Inch | 22/11/2014

The Gold flex from SKLZ will: Improve your swing plane Improve you rhythm and tempo Improve your core muscle strength Improve your lag and distance. Read more >>

Golftec seeking to raise 6 million dollars to build 30 venues | 20/11/2014

As many members would have read in a recent article in the Australian Financial Review, Golftec Australia is looking to partner with the U.S based company to build 30 more venues in Australia Read more >>

infrared technology improves simulator readings | 20/11/2014

Golftec has recently introduced infrared technology to improve the accuracy of our existing simulator technology. Read more >>

Christmas is around the corner | 16/10/2014

It's that time of the year again where everyone is scrambling to find a venue for their Christmas party. Read more >>

The Golftec Way | 13/04/2014

There is an old saying in business that you have to believe in what you sell. As a co-owner of Golftec, I have been fortune enough to use the facility regularly with lessons and practice over the past two and a half years. Read more >>

BombTech Grenade Driver | 14/03/2014

The makers of the BombTech Grenade Driver have been in contact with Golftec and sent over a couple of discounted test heads for us to try. I had read some reviews that the BombTech Driver is about 10 yards longer than some well-known brand names, so Igor and I have been testing the driver for the last few weeks. Read more >>

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