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July 2012 Player of the Month - Jimmy Huynh | 19/07/2012

Working on changing Jimmy's backswing pattern has helped him get shallower on the downswing creating a right to left ball flight. Read more >>

Win free lessons at GolfTec | 09/07/2012

Win free lessons at GolfTec! Play Royal Lytham and St Annes, the very same course they'll be playing the British Open on at GolfTec and you could win free lessons. Read more >>

Let the Real You Tee it up! | 09/07/2012

We all have an image of the type of golfer we are, but what if this image is at odds with our true personality. Could it stop us playing to our full potential? Could it stop us enjoying the game as we should? Read more >>

I'm loving winter at GolfTec! | 09/07/2012

What usually happens during winter in Melbourne is that the icy winds, the stunted grass, the muddy lies and the perpetual rain all conspire to slowly erode our swings, our confidence and our desire to play. Typically we come out of hibernation in spring like butterflies out of a chrysalis, full of new hope. Read more >>

The genius of Jim Hardy | 09/07/2012

This month Sam Letourneau takes a look at the life's work of one of golf instruction's most innovative thinkers Read more >>

Aron Bell is June's Biggest Improver | 06/06/2012

Using the video camera vision from the rear and from the side, I was able to monitor my setup and replicate it so that my swing gave the desired result consistently. Read more >>

Fox Footy at Golftec | 20/05/2012

Golftec has installed 2 Foxtel boxes that can show two AFL games simultaneously live throughout the football season. What better way to spend a Friday night than playing a round of golf on one of our famous courses while watching live AFL Read more >>

Where does your handicap rank you? | 15/03/2012

After my handicap reached a 7 year low the other day (12.4), I was promoted to see where I ranked in Australia. The Golflink database was the place to find my answers. Read more >>

9 HOLE COMPETITION | 09/03/2012


Planning a lesson path by recording your golf statistics | 23/02/2012

At Golftec we have taken a more scientific approach to game improvement. We encourage our students to keep a record of their statistics when they are playing golf. Once you have logged 3 rounds, the algorithm in Urcaddy will tell you exactly what parts of your game are most deficient and we can work with you to establish a program to improve these statistics to reach new targets. Read more >>

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