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Mizuno Clubs well received | 14/01/2012

It has been nearly 2 months since Mizuno kindly dropped in 10+ new sets of golf clubs into our venue. Club models were selected to provide as wide a variety as possible to suit all handicap levels, genders and swing types. Read more >>

Golftec's first week of trade | 19/11/2011

Last week was an enjoyable week for the Golftec team. After months of building, we were anxious to get the feedback of customers after launching on Monday. Read more >>

Update from the Golftec Team | 23/10/2011

We have had an influx of inquires about how our fit out is progressing. We are really excited to say that we anticipate opening our doors within the next 2 weeks. We will let all of our members know via email the exact opening date by the end of this week as well as posting it on the net! Read more >>

Check out our Road Hole bunker | 03/10/2011

We promised at the new venue we would have a sand trap and we are extremely happy with the way that it has come up. We believe our indoor sand bunker will be an amazing training tool that will allow our coaches to provide valuable bunker lessons. Read more >>

Golftec build in full swing | 13/09/2011

Golftec is well into the building phase of the new location. If you have not already heard, the new venue will set the bench mark for golf training facilities in Australia. Ten high tech bays are planned along with a sand bunker and a putting green. Read more >>

Golftec is excited to be building our new venue! | 22/08/2011

The new venue at 136 Exhibition Street will be one of the most advanced golf training facilities in the world, with 10 bays featuring the most recent simulator technology Read more >>

What Kind of Golfer are You? | 12/08/2011

Golfers not only come in all different shapes, sizes, swings and abilities, they also come with different on course personalities, unfortunately not all of them pleasant. Read on to recognize your golfing partners, and maybe even yourself, as Sam Letourneau takes a lighthearted look at some of the annoying sub species that make up the genus Golfer. Read more >>

BEN HOGAN - an endless fascination | 08/08/2011

It's funny what you notice when you've been teaching this game for a while, so many paths seem to lead to one source, one influence, more specifically - one man. In discussions of seminal swing technique Ben Hogan's name is usually the first on teacher's lips, as a competitor his legendary persona dominates the golfing landscape, as a personality he is elusive, contradictory, and compelling. Read more >>

Making an impact on your iron play | 08/08/2011

If you've got the time and energy to try and perfect your whole golf swing go for it. But if you're like the majority of golfers who play of a round of golf and hit maybe a couple buckets of practice balls a week improvement can seem impossible. Read more >>

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