Perfect Plane Putting Board by SKLZ

The perfect plane putting board training aid but SKLZ is designed to help perfect your putting arc to allow for more consistent putting. It is especially useful for helping to square the clubface at impact. As well as helping to perfect the putting arc, the Perfect Plane Putting by SKLZ also includes guides to help promote acceleration and develop a smooth pendulum-like swing.

The putting training aid also includes guides to help even out stroke length as well. It can be used either at home on your carpet or on the putting green as well.

At Golftec in our city venue, we have been using the perfect plane as a training aid during coaching sessions and have had great feedback from students. Students are reporting back that the training device fast tracks the correct swing path feeling and that feeling is repeatable on the golf course, which is improving putting consistency. Not only that, the perfect plane putting aid is also helping distance control.

The perfect plane is available online through our store at $47.95 + postage. Click here to purchase.