Planning a lesson path by recording your golf statistics

Most people when they begin golf lessons understand that they might need several lessons over a period combined with practice in order to improve. I would say that about 95% of people that come through the Golftec door also assume that working on their swing is the most important path to success. Chipping and putting are rarely mentioned or are a side note at best. Don’t get us wrong, improving your swing is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect, but some time must be dedicated to other aspects. The challenge in the past for coaches has been to work out how much time to spend on each aspect to fast track success.

At Golftec we have taken a more scientific approach to game improvement. We encourage our students to keep a record of their statistics when they are playing golf. Things like driving distance, accuracy, percent of greens in regulation, scrambling etc. To make things easier, setup a free account to record your golf statistics at Once you have logged 3 rounds, the algorithm in Urcaddy will tell you exactly what parts of your game are most deficient and we can work with you to establish a program to improve these statistics to reach new targets.

Say for example you are a 12 handicapper looking to become an 11 handicapper. The blue line is your current driving distance, which is well behind that of the average 11 handicapper. We will then set your target somewhere close to the 11 handicap line taking into account your age and physical characteristics as shown by the orange line below.

To achieve your target, UrCaddy will generate a training program highlighting areas you need to focus on based on your statistics. Your coach will work through drills and exercised aimed at reaching those targets.

Finally, once you reach your target, the program will also tell you what your expected score will be. A typical situation is shown below. Once the target of increasing your driving distance to 235 metres is reached (which will also improve greens in regulation) your new predicted score will be 82 a 3 shot improvement from your current statistics.

Make sure you ask your Golftec pro to be part of this program to improve your game.