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2 x 30-minute Golftec Golf Lessons

At Golftec we provide you with a lesson experience that we believe is far superior to traditional golf lessons.

Firstly, our lessons are conducted using Trackman, the worlds most advanced launch monitor, in conjunction with frame by frame video. Both of which give our coaching staff fantastic feedback regarding your swing, helping them understand the fastest pathway to improvement.

At the completion of each of your lessons your coach will also send you a video of your swing, complete with commentary.

2 x 30-minute practice sessions

After each of your lessons you can have a 30-minute practice session using one of our Trackman bays, this is a great way to embed what was learned during your lesson.

As we firmly believe that practicing the right things is paramount, you will be shown how you can use the Trackman feedback to benefit your game while practicing.

Added bonus

Receive an annual subscription to UrCaddy (www.urcaddy.com) valued at $29.95. UrCaddy is the world’s first personal trainer for golf and your HOME to store everything about your game in one place with its revolutionary locker!


The voucher valid at 325 Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Upon purchase we will email you a voucher, which is valid for 3 years.