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The voucher entitles the recipient a 1 x Facetime Lesson and 2 x 30 minute Online lesson with an Gofltec expert PGA Coach
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My online Lesson experience with Regan McGovern

Let me let you in on a little secret—golf coaches take lessons all the time. If you’re working in a facility like Golftec as I do it’s mostly a fairly casual affair. All the coaches are always asking each other to have a quick look at them. This can come as a surprise to a lot of people because they think, well hang on, you guys and girls are teaching all day long, surely you can spot all the flaws in your own games and remedy them quickly? But it doesn’t always work out like that.

Firstly, it’s always easier to be objective about someone else’s action than it is about your own. Secondly, I’ve been looking at my swing on video for the last twenty years now and it’s very easy to just keep seeing the things that I don’t like, rather than being objective and seeing the big picture. And thirdly, we’ve all got our arsenal of fixes and drills, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard another Golftec coach giving a lesson and inadvertently “discovered” a new drill, (ha ha!)

So often when we do cast an eye over each other, just simply having what you’re working on voiced a different way to you or a new drill imparted that freshens up a swing change in progress, can make all the difference.

And this is what Regan has been able to do for me in the last year since he joined us. I’d told him about my age-old problem of getting the club sucked in behind me too early in my swing, something I periodically seem to fall back into from time to time. From there I always get a bit more “lift” with my arms than I really want in finishing my backswing. The end result is my arm swing tends to “run on” even when my shoulders stop turning and I have trouble synching my body and arms again on my downswing and finding the slot.

So, he knew what I was trying to achieve—better synch. He gave me some excellent drills and monitored my progress weekly and things were going well. Only problem was part way into my swing change lockdown hit in Melbourne and we’ve been closed for over two hundred days out of the last eighteen months!

I was worried that I would give up all the ground I’d gained under his tutelage.

But then Regan, who’d done a ton of on-line coaching before he came to us suggested he wanted to start doing online and facetime lessons for his students stuck in lockdown and indeed anyone that might want to have them from around the world.

Before I knew it, Damon Rasheed, another co-founder of Golftec, and his web building team, assisted by Dion Kipping our other partner and Regan, had built a complete online platform to deliver remote lessons!

Regan suggested I also give it a try. Truthfully, I was pretty sceptical. I turned fifty-six a couple of days ago and well you know the whole “can’t teach on old dog new tricks thing?” Well, I’d never had an online lesson in my life so wasn’t really sure if I’d be able to absorb information in that form?

A month or so on and all I can say is—what an amazing experience! For the time we’ve been in lockdown, I’ve regularly been uploading video of my swing for Regan to view. Some of them are from the park where I hit a few balls in the afternoon, some from my backyard just swinging without even hitting a ball. It’s super easy on the system the boys put together, even for an IT nuffer like me!

Every week he sends me back a video analysis with voice over telling me for instance, what to exaggerate more, or what I’ve overdone, and also demonstrates drills he wants me to incorporate into my practice.

Then roughly every two weeks we’ve been doing a full thirty-minute facetime session, where he can see me swinging live, give instant feedback and answer any questions I might have.

The net result has been amazing. It’s not an exaggeration to say I’ve had the biggest degree of improvement in my action in twenty years.

The other day I got to thinking why this had occurred and realised it was these factors. Which I think are worth sharing with you.

Frequency, I’ve been able to send Regan multiple videos of my swing from where ever I happen to be, anytime the urge hits me. So, I’m always either thinking about my swing, practicing, sending him a new set of videos or anticipating his analysis coming back. The experience of learning has become a dynamic and interactive one that I’m fully immersed in again. Just like it was I was when I was fifteen and falling in love with the game for the first time!

Everything is in my new personal Golftec online locker!  In the past I had to try and keep notes or video files on my computer, now all my lessons, with voice over and notes are uploaded by Regan to my locker on the platform the Golftec IT whizzes built straight after each lesson. Exactly the same way they will be for you if you have online or in-venue lessons. I look at my progress every day now!

They say copying someone is the greatest form of flattery. Well, I’ve been so enamoured with what Regan’s been able to achieve for me with these online lessons that I’ve even started to provide them to some of my long time Golftec students!

Regan’s done so well with this venture so far that he’s become our Head of Online Instruction. Give the experience a go if you like, starting with our Free Online Swing Analysis and I think you too will be impressed.

Thanks heaps Regan!

Sam Letourneau


Golftec Australia