Garmin Approach R10

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The Garmin Approach R10 is the best entry level golf simulator on the market. For $879.95, you get ball flight and club data + course play.


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Garmin Approach R10

The Garmin Approach R10 is one of the best entry level golf simulator on the market. For less than $1000, you get ball flight and club data. The Garmin Approach R10, released recently, can give you a reasonably priced launch monitor that you can easily take with you to the driving range or golf course.

Before we se what the unit does, let’s look at what you get once you open the box.

What you’ll find is your Approach R10 launch monitor unit, a tripod stand, a phone mount, a protective carry case, a microUSB cable and your product documentation.

Now let’s look at the products applications.

  • The unit can be used wherever you play or practice golf, indoors, at home or on the driving range.
  • Tracking over a dozen metrics lets the Approach R10 provide valuable metrics back to you on your swing, ball-flight and contact.
  • When training you can view all your shots on a detailed dispersion chart.
  • Records video clips of each shot as you go with associated data.
  • Offers virtual course play, anytime, anywhere you can hit a golf ball.
  • A whopping 10 hours of battery life means you can practice as long as you like and get feedback the whole time.

Ok what exactly does the Garmin Approach R10 measure?

It measures spin, both backspin and sidespin. It measures the clubface and club path and the face to path relationship through impact, crucial when you’re trying to understand, work on and improve your ball-flight mistakes and shot shaping ability. It measures initial launch direction. And also attack angle, which is how much the clubhead is travelling downwards, level, or upwards through the impact area and very important if you are looking to maximize your compression and strike with any shot off the fairway, plus make spin rates on your driver as efficient as possible. Launch angle, also measured, helps in this regard as well.

Then of course there’s carry distances, total distance and total deviation which are invaluable stats to know about every club in your arsenal and crucial to carrying hazards, laying up to the right distances, having your approach shots finish pin high and finessing your wedge distances 100 meters and under.

Then as part of the Garmin experience, anytime you like, you and up to three of your golf buddies can play on any of the 42,000 virtual courses on offer—all without laving the confines of your driving range bay!

The E6 Connect library of content is also a huge player in simulator golf these days and your Approach R10 is fully compatible E6. You can easily play photorealistic courses whenever you like once subscribed.

Team your unit up with the Garmin golf app

  • Compete against friends and other golfers and up the stakes and pressure in your practice
  • Practice like a tour player keeping track of strokes gained and multiple stats.
  • Create your very own tournament, invite your friends and compete against each other!
  • Even post your score cards to your group and see who’s leading “the tour” on updated weekly leaderboards.
  • Display all your Approach R10 data in real time with the aid of the app.

Of course, you can always upgrade to experience the premium app features.


  • Upload scorecards from a compatible device
  • Review shot history from a compatible device
  • Review performance stats
  • Participate in weekly leader boards
  • Create tournaments
  • Save driving range sessions from a compatible device
  • 30-day Garmin Golf membership trial3


Monthly: $9.99
Annually: $99.99

  • All included features
  • Home Tee Hero virtual rounds on 42,000+ courses
  • Store video clips of your shots in the cloud
  • Subscription is only available for Approach R10 customers

All in all the Garmin Approach R10 unit and associated Garmin Golf app seem to be a welcome addition to the Garmin range of golf related products and to the landscape of simulator golf in general.