Project Golfers 2016

John Knox and Jenny Ward

A big welcome to our two project golfers for this year! Our aim is improve both of these players overall game as much as possible over the coming months.

This month I’ll give you a snapshot of where each is currently at with their game and we’ll do regular updates on progress throughout the year. John and Jenny will also chime in with their thoughts from time to time on how they’re going, their successes and any set-backs they might encounter.

Jenny has actually been a student of mine for a while now, but I think both of us still feel there’s plenty of improvement still to come in her game.

The main faults we’ve worked on we’re a breakdown in her swing radius at the top of her backswing. This generally saw her start down with a steep shaft plane and a club path that moved to the left through impact. Her grip was also quite “weak” with both hands turned to far to the left (right handed) on the club at address.

The combination of her grip and swing faults saw her slice shots to the right and lack distance.

We’ve worked hard on these aspects and she’s definitely seen longer shots with a better flight pattern in the last few months.

On the other hand John has only been with me for a handful of lessons so far. His problems stemmed mainly from a faulty grip and set-up where he was bent too far over the ball. This posture caused him to tilt his shoulders in the backswing rather than turn them and this was complicated by a slide to the right with his hips going back, (also a right hander).  All leading to an overly steep swing plane with a reverse pivot body motion.

The thrust of things with John has been to improve his posture which lets him turn his shoulders on a flatter plane, more “on plane” and this in turn has his arms and the club a bit shallower at the top. The result so far is that he’s driving a good deal better, but is a bit off and on with his shots from the fairway as he had some compensations which let him deal with the steepness coming down and now he doesn’t need them so much.

We’re working hard to imbed the new set-up feelings and swing plane and will move on to eradicating unnecessary compensations as we go.