Regular Golf lessons and practice improving Golftec member's handicaps

While at the Golftec venue over the past 3 months I have made a point of asking as many of our members as possible how they have been progressing since they joined our indoor golf practice facility. I was pleasantly surprised by the reply. I can’t recall any member getting worse, though some had maintained the same level. I was thrilled to learn that the vast majority of members have improved significantly. For example, David Rees has improved from an 8 handicap to scratch while Steve Hoey has moved in from 25 to around the 12 mark. Those two members have put in 100s of hours of practice and deserve their improvement. There are other big improvers as well and most members have improved at least 3 shots. A combination of regular practice and golf lessons has been the catalyst for this improvement.

With this in mind, I decided to graph my improvement as one of the owners of Golftec. Whilst I may not have practiced as much as some of our more dedicated members, I certainly have had a plethora of golf lessons with all the boys (Dion, Sam, Damien, Craig and Andy) keen to help my game. For the last 20 years I have been a struggling golfer always playing to between 14 and 17. I have been thrilled by my progress over the past 12 months since Golftec opened and only wished I had embarked on a golf lesson program years before. My handicap currently stands at my life long single figures goal of 9. So in 2013 I find myself setting new goals way beyond my wildest expectations.

What I have found is that it is reasonably easy to improve your game when you understand what swing characteristics causes different ball flights. Working with our coaches, it didn’t take too long to change my swing path from an outside-in one to a much more powerful inside swing path. Of course the task is made easier by the Golftec Golf Simulators that give you feedback on your swing path for each swing you make. Once my swing path became consistent my ball striking got much stronger and much more consistent as well. I am sure countless Golftec members can tell a similar story. What I have learnt is improvement is possible and I sincerely thank Dion, Damien, Sam,  Andy and Craig for their help over the past 12 months.

Also a shout-out to Igor, one of the other Golftec owers, who has listed his golfing ambition as beating me! All I can say is the trend is your friend and I am looking to go really low!

Happy Golfing