Swinguru - 3D swing camera system

At Golftec we have improved our lesson experience by adding the use of Swinguru which uses a 3D camera to measure key golf swing characteristics at address, top of swing, impact and finish. Golftec is also the official Australian distributor for Swing Guru.  If your interested in more information or a demonstration call Golftec on (03) 96509766 to find out more.

Swinguru provides similar feedback 3D vests without the need to use a vest, which saves valuable time during lessons. It captures performance indicators such as such as balance tracking, feet width, right knee flex, left knee flex, knee turn, knee width, spend bend, spine tilt shoulder turn, shoulder tilt, head up/down, head lateral movement, lead arm flex, hand vertical angle, hand path, hand speed and tempo. 

The Swinguru system provides instantaneous feedback which fast tracks improvement for all levels of golf. The system records automatically based on the sound at impact so once the system is setup golfers can swing away at will with each swing recorded. 

Swing Guru works by using a 3D camera which is placed front on. Using the 3D camera your complete swing can be replayed in 3D after each shot as well. A 2D video from side on is also recorded at the same time.

The system also allows you to add target performance indicators for students based on what the coach sets. For example, the average tour pro has a 90 degree shoulder turn, if you’re looking for students to improve from 50 degrees, to say 70 degrees you can put the target in and your student can work towards this key bench mark. Coaches can also record lessons with voice overs and store these lessons in the students file so they can review and monitor their performance. All swings can be replayed and reviewed at any time providing a full history of swing improvement.

The system can also be integrated with some existing golf simulators such as foresight and ERNEST SPORTS ES14 to provide additional feedback in regards to ball flight etc.