Golftec online terms and conditions
  1. Golftec Bronze, Silver, Golf or Diamond monthly subscriptions will be charged monthly on an ongoing basis until a customer decides to cancel their recurring payment through PayPal. This is the only way for subscriptions to be cancelled and Golftec bears no responsibility for cancelling subscriptions, this is entirely up to the customer.
  2. Online and Facetime lessons included as part of a subscription are only valid to be used for the month following their purchase. Online and Facetime lessons not utilized by members in this month do not in any way accrue to be used at a later date. It is entirely up to members to use their allotted monthly sessions within that months validity period.
  3. Golftec takes no responsibility for any injury a customer might sustain whist having an online lesson or facetime lesson or for practicing after having either form of lesson. Customers must personally assess any advice given by Golftec coaches and decide whether to attempt any suggested movement themselves.
  4. No refunds or credits will be provided for any unused online or facetime lessons either during their validity period or when they have expired.
  5. Single online lessons and single facetime lessons have a three year expiry period and cannot be used after this period has expired.
  6. Online content cannot be refunded once purchased.
  7. Golftec will not be liable for injury sustained whilst following the suggestions of Golftec online content. Customers must assess their own physical capabilities when deciding whether to follow content suggestions.