Update from the Golftec Team

We have had an influx of inquires about how our fit out is progressing. We are really excited to say that we anticipate opening our doors within the next 2 weeks. We will let all of our members know via email the exact opening date by the end of this week as well as posting it on the net!

We feel confident that members will be impressed with the new simulator technology that we have installed. Management has had some practice on the new simulators and the big change is that the golf simulators accurately pick up draws and slices (too accurately in some circumstances). This information is captured via our high speed 2000 fps cameras that capture both the clubs swing path and ball flight.

The other really nice feature you will enjoy is that after each shot a diagram of your swing path is shown on the screen. I for one noticed that whilst I have a nice inside-to-out swing path, my club face is consistently open a legacy of a poor grip. The new technology allows you to much more accurately identify your swing issues which helps you fix them quicker.

Finally, we have installed a much larger putting green compared with the previous venue. The extra area has allowed us to build in realistic breaks into the green. You will be able to practice flat putts as well as up and down hill left to right and right to left breakers. There is also a chipping area where you can hit short pitches to the green.

check back later this week with an update on our opening date!