What GolfTEC has done for me!

I’ve talked to so many members in the last few months that have had outstanding success with GolfTEC; I thought it might be an idea to share my story of how the venue has helped my golf.

First of all, for those of you who don’t already know me my name is Sam Letourneau, I’m one of the directors of GolfTEC, and part of the coaching team.

Now, to explain how GolfTEC has helped me achieve the best playing level I’ve had in 20 years, I have to back track just a little.

In the period when we closed down the first GolfTEC in Richmond, were designing, fitting out and opening GolfTEC in the city, I was doing on average 12-15 hour days. Couple this with having a young baby at home and I wasn’t getting any chance to work on my game. I’d go out and play every couple of weeks but I wasn’t giving my handicap of three the slightest nudge and it was steadily going out!

Sounds strange doesn’t it, to work in a full on golf environment, be teaching every day, but not be playing or doing any real practice.

Well I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this but the net result was that last year, almost to the day my handicap had gone out to 5.8, a playing handicap of 6. Now I know many of you reading this play off higher, maybe much higher handicaps than that, and you might be thinking,

“What’s he complaining about? I’d love to play off 6.”

But as we all know, in golf, how happy you are with your current handicap is all relative to what you think you can, or should achieve, especially if you’ve achieved it in the past, and I’d played off 3 or better for the last 25 years.

Question was, what was I going to do about it?

Then it came to me. Why didn’t I just try using the facility that was staring me in the face the way it was designed to be used?  We’d created it for time poor busy golfers who wanted to be able to maintain or improve their games without endless hours at the driving range, having lessons and practices sessions without any relevant feedback or direction.

You see, like many golfers, that’s what I’d done in the past. When I wanted to tune up or improve my game it means lots of hours beating balls at a range, much of the time wondering what was going on with my swing because I couldn’t see it (without the hassle of setting up cameras and tripods, or having a friend with me to video me).

 I also never knew exactly what the club was doing through impact, and could only go by the flight of a dimple-less rock hard range ball as it fell out of the air onto grassless granite or mud.

The reality now was that I didn’t have the time to go through that tortuous process to get my game back, no strike that, make it would never have the time again to go through that process. What’s more I didn’t really want to!

So, in my spare time at GolfTEC I started doing what a typical member might do. I determined I would use the venue exactly as I suggested to my students they should. Before or after work I would have a 30 minute practice session three times a week. Some days I would hit balls on one of the driving ranges, others I would play a few holes on a course. On other days I would practice on the short game ranges, dialling in my distances with my short irons and wedges. To finish every session I would spend at least a few minutes on the putting green upstairs and the practice bunker.

Now, and here’s the kicker – I would never go more than 10 or 15 shots without checking my swing on the Motion View video analysis monitors. Important because I wanted to make sure I was actually doing what I was trying to do and not wasting precious time grooving in a fault.

Sure, I’m a teacher, so generally I know what causes my typical bad shots, and how to fix them. But again like a member, (who now all get lessons included in their memberships) I made sure I sook out advice from one of the GolfTEC coaching team if I thought I was not moving forward.

The other thing I did was sign up on www.UrCaddy.com which is a virtual “Home for your game” that Dion Kipping, ex US PGA Tour caddy, and GolfTEC coach designed with statistician and fellow GolfTEC director Damon Rasheed.

This allowed me to track my improvements over time and see what areas of my game to prioritise with practice.

The net result of becoming a “Member” at GolfTEC?

Almost a year to the day my handicap blew out from 3 to 6 I am looking at my index on GOLFlink and seeing the very satisfying: Exact Handicap 1.0!

And you know what the nicest thing about the whole year? I now feel that however busy life gets, as long as I get two or three 30 minutes slots a week, there’s a good chance that with GolfTEC’ s help I can maintain my new standard.

No matter if you’re an absolute beginner, been playing for years, high handicap or single figure player, to find out what GolfTEC can do for you book a tour with one of our friendly GolfTEC coaches by, calling us on (03) 96509766

Emailing us at goahead@golftec.com.au

Or just dropping into the venue at 136 Exhibition St Melbourne.

To get your very own Free Basic Locker on just go to  www.UrCaddy.com and register.

To share your story of improvement at GolfTEC email it to goahead@golftec.com.au with any accompanying photos you’d like included.