Where does your handicap rank you?

After my handicap reached a 7 year low the other day (12.4), I was promoted to see where I ranked in Australia. The Golflink database was the place to find my answers. Golflink categories players as A, B or C grade depending on your handicap measured in 0.1 shot intervals. Handicaps between 0 and 12 are in the A-grade category. At the time of writing this article, there were 61635 players with a registered handicap who are in this category. If your handicap is right on the border of A and B grade, like mine, a 0.1 shot decrease in your handicap will move you up about 1000 places in the Australian order of merit. In this ability range, coming in a full shot will move you up about 10,000 places. There are 6 golfers that share the lowest handicap of +4.9, Jamies Nitties being the player of most note in that group.

B graders are in the 13 to 20 range, while C graders are 21 to 27 handicappers. There are approximately equal numbers of golfers in B and C grade (about 98,000 each). About 76 per cent of registered handicaps are in the category of B and C grade with the top 24% in A grade. As there are more golfers in B and C grade, a 0.1 decrease in your handicap will increase your order of merit ranking quicker. I estimate that bringing your handicap down by a shot might move you 15,000 to 20,000 places up the order of merit.

Of course the Golflink database only counts those with an official handicap. There are 1000s of other golfers who don’t have an official handicap and one would have to assume that, on average, these players are worse than those with an official handicap.  

So although I am in the top 25% of Golflink golfers, more than likely I am in the top 15% of all golfers which makes me feel a lot better. If you take into consideration those that cheat.....I might even be higher!

If you are one of the 60485 golfers that are above me, look out I am gunning for you!