About Us

At Golftec we passionately believe that improvement only comes by practicing with feedback on each and every golf shot you hit. That’s why we built Golftec, Australia’s leading teaching and practice facility. Each shot you hit you get feedback from TrackMan and Flightscope, the worlds leading golf simulators. Plus, your swing is recorded from two angles automatically with high-speed cameras, complete with drawing and analysis tools.

We know that whacking away at a driving range year after year is not conducive to improvement. We would argue instead that understanding such factors as your swing path, club face, angle of attack and the myriad other datra points our bays provide, and being able to measure these, is worth years of hitting on a driving range.

Golf is also supposed to be fun. So we also have E6 software running on both Trackman and Flightscope Mevo Plus launch monitors featuring many of the top 100 courses in the world for your enjoyment. Included are also dynamic chipping and pitching ranges with built in trouble shots and distance variation challenges to keep your short game humming.

Melbourne CBD facility

Our flagship venue is located at 325 Collins St in Melbourne’s CBD. We have 9 golf simulator bays (7 TrackMan, 5 FlightScope Mevo plus). We are co-located with The House of Golf.

Perth Dalkeith facility

Our Dalkeith venue is located at 29 Curlew Road, Dalkeith, WA 6009 . We have 1 coaching bay at this venue utilising front on and down the line high speed video and Skytrak/The Golf Club Game simulation software.

Who are we?

The owners of Golftec are Damon Rasheed, Dion Kipping and Sam Letourneau. We have a number of different golf coaches, check out our about us page. You can make an inquiry online or call us on 0417366354 to find out more!