1 x 60-minute Trackman voucher

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Practice and play on Trackman, the worlds premier launch monitor, with state of the art range and E6 High Definition golf course graphics.

Divide your time up as you like between range, chipping and course play modes to maximise your improvement and enjoyment.




In this hour long session on Trackman, the world’s most accurate launch monitor, you’ll be able to get valuable insights into your swing and ball flight such as: carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, accuracy, swing path, face angle at impact. Plus a host of other ball and club parameters.

In this time you can accurately find out the average distance you hit each club in your bag, vital information to move your game forward or maybe try your hand at the famous Trackman Combine Test.

Once you’ve got all the info you need why not use our E6 software to play a few holes on a world famous course, or try out a fun and challenging chipping range.

With every shot you hit, you get automatically recorded high speed video which you can review in stop frame to keep onto of any swing faults!