1 x 60-minute Trackman voucher

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In this half hour session on Trackman, the world’s most accurate launch monitor, you’ll be able to get valuable insights into your swing and ball flight such as: carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, accuracy, swing path, face angle at impact. . Plus a host of others.

In an hour you can find accurately find out the average distance you hit each club in your bag, vital information to move your game forward.

Added bonus

Book a Golftec Personal lesson on the same day you use your Trackman session and receive an annual subscription to UrCaddy (www.urcaddy.com) valued at $29.95. UrCaddy is the world’s first personal trainer for golf and your HOME to store everything about your game in one place with its revolutionary locker!


The voucher valid at 325 Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Upon purchase we will email you a voucher, which is valid for 3 years.