Golf swing camera light

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Golf simulator LED light. Perfect for use with one of our golf simulator cameras or with an a smart phone.




Golf simulator light, ideal for home or professional use to provide high quality golf swing videos.

Provides continuous current to avoid flickering even at high frame rates. This deformable garage LED light significantly increases the quality of video taken using our golf swing cameras or with a smart phone (e.g. iphone or android). Even filmed at 260 fps, there is no flicker. The light will screw into a standard e27 or e26 light socket. The light provides a focused area of lighting at 15000 Lm (Lumens) and 150W. You simply screw the light in and adjust the 5 arms on the deformable light to illuminate the area of interest.

The light can be used for other use cases outside of golf. Suitable for garage, basement, warehouse, office, school etc.