Golf Hitting Enclosure $2749

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This golf hitting enclosure has been designed for functionality and safety by a team of designers and golf industry professionals. It has also been rigorously tested over thousands of hours by touring pros with ball speeds of up to 200 MPH.

The mission was simple: Create a unique design and make it the best performing, safest enclosure on the market, at an affordable price.



Golf Hitting Enclosure– $2749

At Golftec we offer the best value for money screen enclosure on the market. Already the market leader the design has been improved even further to now include three new safety features:

  • A built in 30cm buffer zone behind the screen to absorb the shock of impact.
  • An offset screen mounting design, which reduces potential ball contact with 95% of the metal support structure, reducing ricocheting even more.
  • The introduction of border control pads.

In addition to this we’ve also added a velcro border around the edges of the screen, which will allow you to easily remove and replace the screens top layer if it ever gets worn out.

But we haven’t changed the basic design and the quality of materials we use. Elements that have made our screen enclosure the most popular choice worldwide in the last few years.

Our screen material is still the hardwearing dual Layer 3.5mm 650gsm airmesh combined with high density 350gsm woven polyester we’ve always used. And incidentally the projection quality of this material is so good that apart from using it for golf, you might also double up your screen enclosure as a home theatre centre and show movies and sporting events for your friends and family. Or project the kids video games onto the big screen arcade style!

The 3m x 3m x 3m size gives you plenty of safe hitting and projection area. Meaning it’s the minimum height to ensure maximum safety, so you will need to make sure you have enough ceiling height.

Coming with our “easy click” lightweight but strong metal poles construction, the whole enclosure can be put together in thirty minutes by one person. But two will always be easier, safer and faster!

So why do we have so much confidence in our enclosure’s design? Well, it’s been designed for functionality and safety by an in house team of golf industry experts, teaching professionals, and tour players. The materials and design were tested with thousands of hours of usage, including subjecting the enclosures to ball speeds upwards of 200mph!

When we compared the finished product against our current competitors’ offerings, which vary from net systems starting at $200 USD to enclosures for between $3500 USD and $10,000 USD. Across all price ranges, their designers have not, in our opinion, adequately addressed safety features, and in testing we found balls rebounding at speed off exposed hard metal poles and the like could cause serious injury and potentially even death. These products often assumed a level of strike accuracy which is really only evident in high level golfers. Meaning beginners using them at home are at serious risk of injury and owners of commercial venues using these products liable for injuries and the associated legal costs.

With the enclosure we offer we believe you will have the best performing, safest enclosure on the market, at an affordable price.

There are a few other features that we believe also make this enclosure exceptional value. Firstly, soft impact, sound dampening materials have been used throughout the construction, adding to the enjoyment of the user.

Secondly, you’ll also find a short throw projector can be affixed to the front ceiling pole of this enclosure, with a standard projector mount, making projecting the driving range or course images a breeze.

Thirdly, the enclosure is completely self-standing and does not need to be affixed to a wall. So there’s absolutely no drilling of renovating to be done. Just put it together and away you go. Plus it dismantles as easily as it goes together.

Fourthly, it comes with a 12-month warranty on workmanship.

To finish with here’s a couple of handy tips though to maximise the life of your enclosure screen.

Don’t ever use scuffed or burred golf balls as they can damage your screen. And always use clean balls as dirty ones will inevitably leave marks on your screen. Similarly, it’s a good idea to clean the faces of any clubs you might be using to practice with as dirt and grime from them can be transferred to the balls you use and ultimately to your screen.

We hope this article has given you some insights into the factors that have made these enclosures the market leading product and assisted you in making your decision.