SkyTrak Golf Simulator Launch Monitor Bundle

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Package includes:

1 x Skytrak Launch Monitor

1 x Skytrak Officially Licensed Protective Metal Case

1 x 12-Month Skytrak Game Improvement Pack

The most important difference in SkyTrak is its revolutionary technology to provide the accuracy and reliability of a commercial quality system, at a fraction of the price.


Built-in battery with low charge indicator

  • iOS/PC compatible
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) or USB connection
  • Support variety of games (TGC2019 or Creative Golf 3D)
  • No special balls needed
  • Professional-grade Accuracy
  • Robust set of measured parameters: ball speed, launch angle, back Spin, side spin, side angle, spin axis, total spin
  • Includes a USB charging cable which can be plugged into a computer to charge Skytrak, or used in conjunction with a USB Wall charger (not supplied) such as one used to charge a mobile phone or tablet.

Space requirements:

  • Indoor only off artificial driving range mat (cannot be used outdoors or off real grass)





Level up from ‘golf enthusiast’ to ‘golf pro’ when you practice your game from the comfort of your home with the SkyTrak Golf Simulator. Delivering instant and real-time 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data, the SkyTrak Golf Simulator Launch Monitor Bundle is fully portable and easy to set up. And with photometric technology, customisable conditions such as weather and course, as well as track performance, it’s easy to see why SkyTrak is used by some of the top teaching professionals around the world.Take your game to the next level and invest in your stroke with 24/7 Golf. We also offer discounts for full, all-inclusive golf bundles if you want to elevate your performance even further.