Preparing Effectively for a Clubfitting Session

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In this 90 minute Session PGA and Golftec High Performance Coach Regan McGovern will identify your swing pattern and reccomend the most appropriate category of iron design.

He’ll then “map out” ideal distance gaps you should ideally be able to cover with the appropriate mix of lofts in an ideal set make-up. Including the most relevant mix of irons, hybrids, driving irons, fairway metals and driver.

He’ll also identify the ideal mix of wedges lofts, bounces and grinds for ypur chipping style and the turf conditions you typically face.

Shaft flexes, kick points, and the choice of graphite or steel shafts to fit your swing speed, spin rates and trajectory will also be covered.

He can even suggest a putter design to fit your stroke.

Arm yourself with the inside information about your game, from a PGA certified coach, to take into your next club fitting experience.

N.B. Post this session Regan will provide you with a report on the key information points you and your fitter should consider. He is also available to provide feedback after any fitting session you subsequently have.